The author


My name is Jose Manuel González Calderón. I graduated in Philosophy at the University of Salamanca, Spain, and then I moved to the Complutense University of Madrid, where I enrolled in a doctoral program in Philosophy.

At the time of starting my thesis I tried to find a thesis supervisor, but I could not find a professor who believed in my project. I could not give up believing in my project either. So I left university, and continued researching on my own.

After more than fifteen years, I have decided to make public the results of my research of that time, and what I have been doing these years. I hope it can be worth dusting off my papers, and find an echo in you in order to keep making sense of the scientific and philosophical inquiry.

- - -

The research, however, is still in its early stages, it is not finish, and therefore, there are still many missing gaps to be filled, many fringes to be clarified, many blurred boundaries. In this web site I offer some proofs about a new scientific conception of the human being. Some contents still are hypothetical, they are hypothesis to be proved. Our task is to do so and to consolidate the new vision, offering new proofs and opening new fields of research. This a very wide task. I only intend to do a small part among all work already done by many scientists in the past and all work still to be done.

- - -

My plans for this web page is to try to update new materials as soon as I can, and to continue researching to going on extending the project.

I apologize for my English. I hope to make myself understood. I would appreciate any help in translating and correcting the texts.

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When I am not at my job as a computer tecnician, I am playing with my children.
When they let me I devote myself to Human Sciences and Philosophy.

My children
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